Telling our stories – Alexia Avramescu

Each year we meet incredible women at womENcourage™ celebrations. We ask womENcourage participants to tell their stories in blog posts. We continue 2023 with Alexia Avramescu, who is a bachelor’s degree student in Computer Science at Transylvania University in Brasov, Romania and attended womENcourage 2023 in Trondheim. Her computer science journey “has taught (her) that passion can be found unexpectedly, and once discovered, it has the power to transform doubts into determination and obstacles into stepping stones toward success”.


My name is Alexia Avramescu. I am currently in my second year,pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Transylvania University in Brasov. Choosing this program was not driven by an overwhelming passion for the subject at that time but rather as a compromise, as no other field intrigued me more. This decision led to numerous moments of self-doubt throughout my first year. Particularly during academically challenging times, these doubts surfaced, affecting my productivity.

Despite my initial reservations, my first year went reasonably well, occasionally offering moments of significant satisfaction. However, my mindset remained convinced that this field might not be the right fit for me. This perception drastically changed at the end of the academic year.

During a project aimed at introducing us to Python in one of mycourses, I discovered my passion for coding. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but as I started working and unraveling the complexities, I found myself growing increasingly curious and motivated to learn, to stay with a problem until I found a solution, however imperfect. Something within me shifted, and I began to believe that I am good enough as long as I work for what I want.

Around the same time, my friends and I started exploring internship and training opportunities provided by various companies in Brasov for students over the summer. Initially hesitant, I was encouraged by the people around me to apply for these opportunities. Simultaneously, my colleagues and I decided to apply for the WomENcourage scholarship. To my surprise and delight, I secured an internship position at a company for the summer and was awarded the WomENcourage scholarship. These selections served as validation for my decision to persist and push beyond obstacles.

During the summer, I immersed myself in learning a multitude of new things, not just about computer science but also about myself. The internship provided me with invaluable insights into my field and real-world applications of what I had been learning. Following the internship, I attended the WomENcourage conference, an experience that enriched my perspective on the future, introduced me to diverse ideas, and allowed me to form connections with people from around the world. It also strengthened my bond with the friends who accompanied me to Trondheim.

Now, I am incredibly enthusiastic about what my second year at university holds and what I can offer to those around me based on my experiences and the multitude of things I have learned and lived in such a short span of time. This journey has taught me that passion can be found unexpectedly, and once discovered, it has the power to transform doubts into determination and obstacles into stepping stones toward success.


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