ACM-W Europe Working Groups

ACM-W Europe activities are organized in Working Groups (WGs) that consist of volunteers who are setting the agenda, organizing activities and aiming to achieve specific measurable and impactful goals.

The Celebrations WG aims to increase the visibility of women’s accomplishment in Europe by assisting with the organization of local events and by coordinating the annual womENcourage Celebration of Women in Computing. womENcourage is a three day event, organized in a different European country every year. Local ACM celebrations are smaller, one-day local events, organized local volunteers.

The Networking WG is responsible for mobilizing ACM-W volunteers in Europe to establish connections with professional women in technologies and across disciplines. The Networking WG is overseeing

Rise’nWise volunteers who are associated with the ACM-WE Executive Team and Working Groups and represent ACM-WE through public speaking and participation in specific events.

Network of Regional and National Contacts (NERNAC) that include women who are associated with the ACM-WE Executive Team and representing ACM-WE in specific regions by actively collecting information about the local concerns and accomplishment of women.

The Empowerment WG is concerned with expanding opportunities for women to progress in their professional development and remove barriers for achieving their potential. ACM-WE increases the awareness and assist women who wish to apply for ACM awards. It partners with organizations who provide sponsorships and scholarships for women on technical fields.

The Communication and Outreach WG is responsible for communicating with the community and disseminating information of interest and relevance. The team publishes monthly newsletters, regularly post blogs, and promote relevant issues and activities in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)