ACM-W Europe Working Groups

ACM-W Europe activities are organized in Working Groups that consist of volunteers who are setting the agenda, organizing activities and aiming to achieve specific measurable and impactful ACM-W Europe goals.

  1. Celebrations Working Groups:
    • Celebrations Advisory Committee
    • womENcourage Steering Committee
  2. Student and Professional Chapters Working Group
  3. Communication and Outreach Working Group
  4. European Volunteer Network

1. The Celebrations Working Group increases the visibility of women’s accomplishment in Europe by assisting with the organization of local celebrations and professional events. ACM members can join the womENcourage Celebration of Women in Computing, the ACM-W Europe flagship Celebration organized annually. womENcourage is a three day event, organized in a different European country every year. Local ACM celebrations are smaller, one-day local events, organized by local volunteers. More details on the celebrations page.


2. The Student and Professional Chapters Working Group is responsible for mobilizing the community and networking of ACM-W Europe volunteers, by establishing connections with students or professionals in the computing area.


3. The Communication and Outreach Working Group is responsible for communicating and disseminating information of interest to the community.  The team publishes monthly newsletters, regularly post blogs, and promotes relevant issues and activities in social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).  Please note that, as ACM-W, we are always happy to support institutions with their efforts in improving diversity and so, help with the dissemination of news, and job announcements. Our conditions are as follows:

  •  The content should be provided with  a link to a departmental/institutional diversity statement (preferably in English)
  • The content should be prepared accordingly to the target platform (e.g. social media like Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin or online newsletter). We do not generate content on behalf of other institutions.

4. The European Volunteer Network (EVN) aims to build a community of people who work together to promote ACM-W Europe and its underlying ethos. This is done through conferences, blogs, vlog posts and webinars from its members as well as from invited guests, contents of which will fall within regularly updated themes. More details on the EVN page.