ACM Ukrainian Chapter: 3rd Celebration of Women in Computing.

The third ACM Ukrainian Celebration of Women in Computing took place from December 1st to the 7th 2018 with various activities taking place during the week.  The Celebration began with a STEM Weekend for girls which included the Hour of Code and other coding and mentoring opportunities for the girls.

The STEM Weekend and Hour of Code was led by the students from Taras Shevchenko, National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics Department. For a long time, the faculty and students wanted to hold a mini-course for girls in #STEM, because we believe that teaching STEM topics early increases interest in children. And now it happened as a part of the Ukrainian ACM Women in Computing Celebration!!! Together we solved interesting mathematical and logical tasks, we learned to code our Minecraft from as a part of the worldwide initiative  #hourofcode, we visited the Museum of popular science and participated in many other exciting things! Our success is exemplified in the WOW-feedback – that we are still receiving. We are very glad that the event was successful.

The WIC also included events later during the week: chat sessions (on-site as well as remote) with successful women in IT who shared their career and personal experiences thus motivating the participants. Also, a student project contest was held where students took an idea from start to prototype. The theme of the conference was “Yes You Can!” and everyone left inspired and motivated!

All the participants were motivated to follow their big dreams and the lifehacks on how to reach the goals while supporting the work-life balance.
Both female and male participants left the Celebration with feelings of the positive impact from our prominent speakers – girls and women.
Let’s celebrate the women encouragement and support them in IT!
We are thankful for ACM-W, Microsoft and other partners for the support! Also thanks to the members of Hackathon Expert Group, who helped ACM Ukrainian Chapter to hold this excellent course!!!
We hope this event will have a significant impact on both our students and the children who participated!

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