ACM-W Europe Volunteers

ACM-W Europe activities are organized in Working Groups that consist of volunteers who are setting the agenda, organizing activities and aiming to achieve specific measurable and impactful ACM-W Europe goals. The work of ACM-W Europe is managed and performed by volunteers who contribute their time and effort. The participation is flexible and leadership roles are time-limited to ensure that other volunteers have a chance to make their contributions. 

ACM-W Europe harnesses the talent and the enthusiasm of volunteers who wish to take up specific roles or tasks. The work is allocated based on individuals’ skills, affinity, and availability. The selection of tasks and time contributions are flexible and vary based on individuals’ desires and ACM-W Europe needs.

Working Groups:

  1. Communication and Outreach Working Group
  2. Celebrations Working Group
  3. Student and Professional Chapters Working Group

We welcome volunteers to join us at any time.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our communications team. You will be part of a dynamic volunteer team passionately working to disseminate information of interest to our community. The team publishes monthly newsletters, regular blog posts, and promotes relevant gender issues in computing and celebrates community success in social media (Facebook, and Twitter).

You can work with us on any number of our initiatives:

  1. The newsletter: Interview community members, and write articles.
  2. Social media: Help create social media campaigns and expand our reach.
  3. Website: Help maintain a dynamic website with up-to-date community information.
  4. Blog: Write blog articles, or work with community members on blog series.
  5. Outreach campaigns: E.g., reach out to ACM-W chapters for regular communication series.
  6. Wikipedia campaign: Help us create a database of women in computing in Europe and regularly draft articles for Wikipedia.

If you are interested, please contact us at or


Here is the link to apply to become an ACM-W Europe volunteer.