ACM-WE Chapters

Student Chapters

Student chapters support women in their undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate goals by connecting them with peers and mentors. They receive guidance and resources from the global ACM community and have the opportunity to participate in Regional Celebrations of Women in Computing.

Here is the list of European Student Chapters:

  • University of Bath ACM-W Student Chapter – Bath, UK
  • UPV ACM-W Student Chapter – Valencia, Spain
  • Atlantic Technological University ACM-W Student Chapter – Letterkenny, Ireland
  • University of York UK ACM-W Student Chapter – York, UK
  • Uppsala University ACM-W Student Chapter – Uppsala, Sweden
  • Bilkent University ACM-W Student Chapter – Bilkent-Ancara, Turkey

Professional Chapters

Only 25% of the computing workforce are women, and less than 10% are women of color. (

ACM-W Professional ACM-W Chapters help retain and support women in the computing workforce.

Here is the list of European Professional Chapters:

  • Trondheim ACM-W Chapter
  • Tallin ACM-W Chapter
  • Kharkiv ACM-W Chapter
  • Sarajevo ACM-W Chapter
  • Hibernia ACM-W Chapter
  • ACM-W UK Chapter
  • Barcelona ACM-W Chapter
  • Greek ACM-W Chapter
  • Cyprus ACM-W Chapter

How to apply for a Chapter

Want to join our mission of encouraging women to take STEM careers? Are you planning to start a new Chapter in your region?

Here are the instructions to apply for a new chapter. The sumbission must be done to the global organization (ACM).