European Volunteers Network (EVN)


ACM-W Europe is happy to announce the relaunch of the European Volunteer Network (EVN). 

ACM-W Europe EVN program stems from the desire to build a brighter future for women in technical fields, both in academia and industry. We aim at increasing female participation at all levels, starting from encouraging school girls to develop programming skills and building robots to fostering leadership and opportunities for more female professionals to enter the C-Suite.

The EVN aims to promote ACM-W Europe and its underlying ethos through blogs and vlog posts and webinars from its members as well as from invited guests, contents of which will fall within regularly updated themes. Above all, the primary aim of the EVN is to support the uptake and full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field through its members.

EVN members will be encouraged, expected and supported to:

  • Promote ACM-W Europe in conferences, webinars and other related events whether
    organizing, participating or presenting.
  • Act as role models to help women in STEM raise their profile
  • Influence increased enrolment into ACM-W Europe through but not limited to:
    • Outreach activities that are exclusively organized for the purpose or as part of a
      wider activity related to the members occupation/interest.
    • Networking and advertising within existing networks
  • Influence policy matters around women in Computer Science within their Departments, Organization or Local and Central Government. Such policy could include but not limited to: increased recruitment, improved work culture to facilitate more women to take up careers in computer science, ensure career progress etc.

Benefits of an EVN member include:

  • Opportunity to network beyond geographical and political boundaries across industry and
  • Improve peer esteem.
  • Improve visibility, thus gaining collaboration and career enhancing opportunities.
  • Gain a platform to disseminate research outputs, create impact and be role models for
    upcoming women in computer science.
  • Influence government, academia and industry around women in computer science centric

If you are interested in becoming a member please complete the following form.