ACM-W Europe Celebrations of Women in Computing: womENcourage

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Past Events

The 5th ACM Europe Celebration of Women took place in Belgrade, Serbia and it was organized by the leads of the local ACM-W Europe Chapter. Participants were inspired by creative themes for the Hackathon project and a series of keynote presentations and panels. On the third day of the conferences they engaged in a variety of Workshops that were selected to promote three important aspects: awareness of opportunities to expand knowledge and experience, the expansion of skills, from core professional competencies to leadership styles, and motivation to act and take initiatives towards their personal and professional goals.


The 4th ACM Europe Celebration of Women in Computing in Barcelona was one of four co-located events at the ACM Europe Conference. womENcourage had 206 attendees from 31 countries, 72 scholarships to attend the event, 74 posters, and 17 supporters that helped make it all possible. Participants enjoyed workshops in coding, programming and other topics; a career fair; a hackathon; and many opportunities to network. Read a report in the September issue of ACM-W Connections newsletter. View photos from the womENcourage hackathon.


As the 3rd ACM-W Europe Celebration of Women in Computing kicked off in Linz, Austria, the first thought that came to mind was the theme of the event: Crossing Borders. It was evident that we were in the presence of many different cultures and people from many countries. The diversity was obvious when looking at the geographic origins of attendees, who came from four out of five continents, from as far west as Colorado in the US, to as far south as South Africa and as far east as Russia. The program underscored the diversity of the event: from programming in Android, to computational music, perception, programming languages, entrepreneurship, wrapping up with a lively panel discussion. With this event we crossed more than just geographical borders, we also shared our technology, cultural and networking interests.


It’s Confirmed: Women Love Tech! And the participants of ACM-W Europe womENcourage Celebration of Women in Computing deemed that the Celebration was a huge success! Over 180 participants from 28 countries attended the womENcourage Celebration which exceeded their expectations from the lively socializing during the career fair and the poster session before the opening Keynote on Friday 25th September until the ending Keynote on Saturday afternoon. The attendees participated in several interesting activities including keynote talks, panel discussions, technical paper sessions, workshops, case studies, unconference sessions, and the hackathon. See the photos taken by our photographers, Kristina Lidayova and Tomas Oravec, and view the recorded sessions.


“I wanted to change the world… So I became a computer scientist.” declared a PhD student of computer science at Cambridge University during a discussion called “What can you do to change the world?” part of our first ACM-W Europe conference. Computer scientists from 28 countries convened in Manchester, UK on Saturday March 1st for the first womENcourage celebration of women in computing. Videos of talks and photos are available at our flickr page.