ACM-W Europe Rise&Wise Volunteers

Rise&Wise volunteers are associated with the Executive Committee and Working Groups. They are invited by the Executive Committee members to contribute to ACM-W Europe activities and officially represent the ACM-W Europe as opportunities arise to promote the ACM-W Europe cause.

Rise&Wise provides a place where experienced ACM-W Europe members can continue to be actively involved and, at the same time, connect with new volunteers who are starting their work with ACM-W Europe . Former members of the Executive Committee automatically become members of Rise&Wise.

The members of ACM-W Europe Rise&Wise may receive support and sponsorship for activities that EC invites them to do. The Executive Committee and the Working Group leads would also consider proposals for tasks and activities that Rise&Wise members may wish to do.

ACM members can also express interest in becoming members of the Rise&Wise by filling the volunteer application form.

The next period for considering applications will be announced here. Application forms will be provided closer to date.