20 Podcasts for Women by Women in Technology

Podcasts are becoming increasingly the medium where we share our stories, and listen to others’. On average, close to 28% of European adults tune in to a podcast in a month.  Read more about the statistics here. So, last month, July 2019, we have curated podcasts for women by women in technology and shared every day […]

It’s never too late to follow your dream (although you may have to make a few adjustments)

This month’s blog post is from Elizabeth Buie, who gave recently a talk at the ACM’s CHI 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Lunch.  In this post, Elizabeth shares her experiences as an older PhD student researching on HCI at the Northumbria University. This post was originally published at Elizabeth’s blog. “Some years ago I moved across the […]

Meet the Amazing womENcourage Local Organizers

Tiziana Catarci and Paola Velardi This month we interviewed the local organizers of the womENcourage 2019, Prof Tiziana Catarci and Prof Paola Velardi from La Sapienza University. Their radiating energy and creativity are captured in these fascinating portraits by Gérald Bruneaux courtesy of Fondazione Bracco. Tiziana Catarci graduated from Electronic Engineering in February 1987 at […]

Youthtopia, Heraklion, Greece: Why aren’t there more women in science?

Youthtopia” is a newly established non-formal youth group in the city of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Its members are experienced in Erasmus+ Projects, youth exchange and training. Youthtopia aims to activate youngsters in the local community and develop their soft skills through volunteering, “learning by doing”, organising events and participating in youth activities. Through their actions, […]

ACM Ukrainian Chapter: 3rd Celebration of Women in Computing.

The third ACM Ukrainian Celebration of Women in Computing took place from December 1st to the 7th 2018 with various activities taking place during the week.  The Celebration began with a STEM Weekend for girls which included the Hour of Code and other coding and mentoring opportunities for the girls. The STEM Weekend and Hour […]

Debate “Education, Research & Innovation: developing concrete synergies”

From ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC, geometry has always been a major source of inspiration to define and bond key concepts of everyday life. In this report, I am not going to talk about the history of geometry or discuss the questions of shape, size, or the properties of space. Rather, […]

womENcourage 2018

“Brilliant experience, fun and inspiring” sums up the 5th ACM Celebration of Women in Computing womENcourage 2018, which took place at the Hotel Metropol Palace in Belgrade, Serbia, between 3-5 October. womENcourage ( is a flagship event organized annually by ACM Women Europe. By selecting a different location every year, womENcourage reaches women across Europe […]

Diversity workshop at EuroBSDCon

Diversity workshop at EuroBSDCon In September, in Paris, twenty-five members of the EuroBSDCon community came together to discuss diversity in the community, in a workshop designed by ACM W Europe members. EuroBSDcon is the premier European conference on the open source BSD operating systems attracting about 300 highly skilled engineering professionals, software developers, computer science […]

Attending the Heidelberg Laureate Forum as a Young Researcher

  By Deniz Kecik The 5th Heidelberg Laureate Forum took place only a few weeks ago, of which I feel the dreamy impact every day on my research endeavors as well as on a general perspective. As a female postdoctoral researcher who is working more on the computational physical sciences aspect, I even felt a […]

Experience, Learn and Share at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum

by Zaineb Chelly Dagdia Everything starts with an inspiration and a dream. Sometimes things keep popping up in your mind even when you close your eyes; when you go to bed or when you have a moment of peace with yourself. It just keeps smiling at you and reminding you every moment. You find yourself becoming so attached […]