Message from ACM-W Europe Chair

Dear All,

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these challenging times. For many this is a time for working from home to help protect ourselves, our friends and family. For others, work or education may seem uncertain as we wait on guidance from others. In such difficult times we often see both the best and the worst in people. Fear and uncertainty can and must be battled with on a daily basis.

I have been lucky to count myself a member of the ACM from my college days. I have found hope and guidance when needed from members of the ACM on many occasion. We are more than a professional body, we are a family with a common interest. We are in a unique position to provide hope to each other and to other members of our community as well as people in our locality. Certainly I am very proud to say that one of the hallmarks of the ACM-W Europe has always been peer support, networking and collaboration. Now, more than ever, we need this kindred spirit to embolden use to continue to move forward in our careers and to keep others around us motivated.

As we look around we may notice that many small businesses in our locality are struggling to keep afloat as they deal with closure and job losses. Perhaps there is something that each of us can offer. If we can only offer a single hour or two to help even one other person then we can make a difference. Perhaps you can help someone to learn a new communications tool or to set up a website for sales, perhaps help set up a facebook page for their business or a youtube channel. Perhaps you can volunteer to mentor someone who wishes to work towards a career move to a higher role in your company? Perhaps you can make a pact with someone to try a new skill together, take a course or take a chance on something new. Any assistance we can provide others will not only help them but will also help ourselves.

Many of us will have will have experienced losses before this troubling time is over. We will mourn members of the ACM, work colleagues, family or friends. I hope that rather than despair we will remember them with fondness and know that any act of kindness that we do now will help someone else out of their despair. In the past year or two the media have put much focus on our mental well-being. Sometimes helping others in some small way can help us feel better about our own situation. Whatever it is that helps you, I hope that you can find it so that you may find some quantum of solace when it is needed most.

I would ask you all to reach out. Message another ACM-W member that you know or post on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Talk about the normal things such as the latest ACM-W newsletter so that at least some small part of the day can feel normal to you. Talk about things that are worrying you too as it is important to share your problems. Networking is more important now than ever before. Stay safe, follow the
guidance of health officials and look after your mental health.

Remember that ACM-W Europe is here for you. We will continue to be here for you when this reaches its worst and we will continue to be here for you when we begin to rebuild our lives.


Ruth G. Lennon
Chair ACM-W Europe

An Irish Blessing: “May the saddest day of the future be no worse than the happiest day of your past”