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Join us at EVN – European Volunteers Network

ACM-W Europe EVN program stems from the desire to build a brighter future for women in technical fields, both in academia and industry. We aim at increasing female participation at all levels, starting from encouraging school girls to develop programming skills and building robots to fostering leadership and opportunities for more female professionals to enter the C-Suite.

The EVN aims to promote ACM-W Europe and its underlying ethos through blogs and vlog posts and webinars from its members as well as from invited guests, contents of which will fall within regularly updated themes. Above all, the primary aim of the EVN is to support the uptake and full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field through its members.

Ruth and Lipika will run a Facebook live event to answer your questions on 28th of April, 11 AM CEST.


Call for Participation: womENcourage 2021

womENcourage 2021 that is going to be virtual (coordinated from Prague, Czech Republic), 22-24 September, 2021. The slogan of the event this year is “Bridging Communities to Foster Innovation”. In an increasingly technology-driven world and a rapidly changing economic environment, the field of computing cannot reach its full innovation and creativity potential if formed of homogeneous expertise, represented unevenly only by a fraction of the population. To foster innovation, we shall stop compartmentalizing scientific progress by disciplines and encourage innovation across boundaries.

We invite all participants to contribute to the program of the womENcourage 2021 celebration through posters, workshops and tutorials, panel discussions as well as inspiring keynote talks on any topic expanding the computing innovation via fusion with other disciplines and communities, together with insights on empowering individuals from underrepresented groups within the computing community, especially women but not only them, and celebrate the diverse talent they are bringing.

If you are a young researcher, consider submitting your work as a poster, get to present your work to womENcourage participants, benefit from insightful feedback and discussion, exchange knowledge and establish collaborations.

Poster submissions can be from all areas of computer science and computational sciences. As the theme of this year is “Bridging Communities to Foster Innovation” this year’s organizers encourage the authors to stress in their submissions:

  • The connecting nature of their work (e.g., bridging different scientific disciplines or sub-communities within computer science, academia and industry, researchers from different countries or institutions).
  • The innovative character of their work (e.g., new research achievements, new applications of existing technology in industry/society).

Important Dates

Extended abstracts and visual posters due May 1, 2021
Scholarship applications open May 1, 2021
Workshop and tutorials proposals due May 1, 2021
Registration open June 1, 2021
Hackathon interest to participate due August 10, 2021

To learn more, follow this link to the Call to Take Part.


Blog: How to organize an ACM-Women Europe Celebration in 10 Steps

This month we caught up with Laura Castro from the Spanish celebrations to share their insights and lessons learnt. Laura Castro is a professor at the University of A Coruña, where she has been teaching since 2005 on Software Architecture and Software Validation. Her research focuses on software testing (automated, model and property-based testing), applied to software in general, and distributed, concurrent, functional systems in particular (mainly working with Erlang/OTP and Elixir).

She shared with us the top lessons she learnt for creating a new celebration. It starts with:

A few friends that want to make a difference can come together and create a celebration!

So, well, first of all, I have got involved with ACM, thanks to Virginia (Grande). But it was through a third person, Clara Benac-Earle, a fellow researcher at the UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She and Virginia had, I think, spent some time at Uppsala, University of Uppsala, together, and that’s how they knew each other. Clara and I had worked together on a couple of European projects because we share similar research interests. So I think it was Virginia who proposed “What about organizing a Spanish celebration?” because they had just attended a European celebration there, and Clara immediately thought of me to help: “I know just the perfect person. She always says yes to this kind of thing“. 😊

For the rest visit our blog!


ACM-W Europe Social Media Highlights

Not on social media? Not a problem. In March 2021, our most popular posts on Facebook were: 

  1. Blog Series: Telling our Stories: Each year we meet wonderful women at womENcourage. This month’s blog post is written by Aayesha.  “When I enrolled for MS in computing, I was confused about picking my research topic, and I could not find assistance from my teachers. After several days of searching on the web, I chose machine learning-based epilepsy detection as a research topic. I wrote a complete thesis on this topic as well as two research articles.
  2. Blog Series: Breath of Fresh Air: Diversity Heroes-Barbora Buhnova This month’s guest is the Co-Founder of @czechitas,  the #community behind the scenes of the #womENcourage 2021 conference. “To me, computing is an invitation to innovation, which is beautiful. Joining computing was one of the best decisions of my life. More so that my community, which is Software Architecture, really makes me feel I found my place, the place where I belong and where I can turn my skills and interests into an impact.”
  3. womENcourage 2021 is to be held in Prague, Czech Republic. The slogan of the event this year is “Bridging Communities to Foster Innovation”. Are you wondering whether you should attend? Here are 5 Reasons to Join Us at womENcourage 2021, Prague.

On Twitterthe top tweet was our International Women’s Day message. 

The top media tweet was the call for participation to womENcourage.

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Announcements and News

Upcoming ACM Student Research Competitions: Submission Deadlines

ACM Student Research Competitions (SRCs), sponsored by Microsoft Research, offer a unique forum for undergraduate and graduate students to present their original research at well-known ACM sponsored and co-sponsored conferences before a panel of judges and attendees. The most recent SRC winners presented at POPL 2021. The following conferences are accepting submissions:


Citrix – ACM Career Event

Join Citrix and ACM Tuesday, 20 April, from 11:00-11:35 BST to hear from recent University Graduates share about their experience at Citrix and more about our Career and Internship Opportunities! Register here for the dial-in link.


Online Series: Sex and gender biases in Artificial Intelligence and Health

Tune into the series “Sex and gender biases in Artificial Intelligence and Health: Building the future for Equality”, co-organized by the Bioinfo4Women program of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the La Caixa Foundation. The event kicked-off on March 16th and will end on June 16th 2021.

The next session will be the Seminar: “Sex and Gender Perspective in the Future of Personalized Medicine” on Wednesday April 14 from 10am to 12pm CEST. Streaming on YouTube here.

Bioinfo4Women Programme website here.


Watch the Recording of March 3 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel

ACM A.M. Turing Award laureates John Hennessey and David Patterson participated in a panel on Valuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Computing Community held as a joint session of several co-located virtual conferences on March 3. Watch a recording of the session and read a recap in Communications of the ACM.


ACM Awards and Advanced Grades of Membership Deadlines

Each year ACM recognizes outstanding achievements of its members through awards that cover a spectrum of professional and technological areas and different stages of professional development. 

To learn more about awards, we recommend the article by the ACM President Cherri M. Pancake, dispelling some common myths about ACM Awards and Honors in the Communications of the ACM, August 2019. One of the myths is that the ACM Awards never honor people working outside North America. Prof. Pancake writes that even though nothing would make ACM committees happier than to recognize the achievements of people from around the globe, there are very few nominations. Source: Dispelling Common Myths About ACM Awards and Honors.

Call for ACM Senior Member Nominations

The Senior Member advanced grade of membership recognizes ACM members with at least 5 years of Professional ACM membership in the last 10 years. Nominations are accepted on a quarterly basis. The deadline for nominations is June 3.

Early Career
Mid Career
Late Career
Area-Specific, typically Mid to Late Career

For SIG-specific Awards, please visit here.

For ACM Advanced Grades of Membership, please visit here.


Thank you for joining us in recognizing the accomplishments of ACM Women in Europe and ensuring they are nominated for ACM Awards they deserve.


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