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Happy Holidays!


Dear Members of the ACM-W Europe, 

I would like to thank you for your membership in 2020. This year that has brought many challenges, but it has brought new opportunities with it. Never before has the world worked so hard together as a community. In the ACM-W Europe, we have enjoyed the virtual Celebration of Women in Computing, many networking opportunities and news from our chapters through our newsletter. Our executive committee has worked hard in planning events and setting forth a new path for collaboration over 2021. We look forward to working with our sponsors to bring new events to you, including opportunities for internships or jobs through virtual career fairs. Competitions, hackathons and awards will continue to be offered throughout 2021. As we work to provide value to our members, we also wish to provide you with a voice on our future direction. If you wish to volunteer for one of our projects or to assist with our working groups, please email for further details. 

I look forward to working both with you and for you over the next year. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2021. 


Ruth G. Lennon,

Chair of ACM-W Europe



Blog Series: Diversity Heroes – A Breath of Fresh Air: Toni Collis


As a community, we embrace our diversity; diversity makes us better, stronger. We cannot do enough to applaud all of our heroes in their diversity.  They are people who are ACM members, volunteers or experts in their field.  Starting from June 2020, we have been reaching out to a number of heroes about their tech career journey, about their perspective on intersectionality and reflect on initiatives for equality.

This month’s guest is Dr Toni Collis,  the CEO of Collis-Holmes Innovations, a Strategic Innovation Leader, Trainer, Consultant and Leadership Coach for women in tech. Toni’s career has focused on facilitating the use of technology, with a particular emphasis on parallel computing and supercomputers, for the advancement of research and innovation in both academia and industry. Early on in her career, Toni realised that knowledge was not the only barrier to the uptake of parallel computing in research, but that culture limited the participation of women and minorities. As Founder of Women in High-Performance Computing (WHPC), Toni developed and led innovations aiming to diversify the HPC workforce, providing HPC tutorials for women academics and students around the world, training and consultancy on building inclusive workforces, and research into how to improve the representation of women.

What would you recommend to young people thinking of a career in computing?

Early on in my life, I came across Gandhi’s quote ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, and that is the mantra I still sit by every day. Technology and computing can provide that in such a unique way – our entire civilisation is now built on technology. But so much of it doesn’t serve more than a small proportion of the global population. If you believe the world should be a better place, be part of that change, in whatever form it takes. And never, ever be afraid to pivot – that is where the truly exciting and great ideas and the impact often come from.

To read the rest of Toni’s interview, visit our blog



Blog Series: Telling our Stories – Viviana Bastidas


Each year we meet wonderful women at womENcourage. This year was no different, and in the rest of the year, we will have womENcourage participants telling their stories in blog posts. This month’s blog post is by Viviana Bastidas who is PhD Student at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland and a member of Lero—the Irish Software Research Centre, Limerick, Ireland. She received the B.Sc. degree in Systems Engineering from Mariana University, Pasto, Colombia, in 2005, and the M.Sc. degree in Information Technologies Architectures from Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia, in 2016. 

Viviana wrote about her experience attending the “Social Networks Analysis: Theory and Practice” workshop, given by Dr Deniza Alieva and Gulnoza Usmonova.

I would like to invite other students to participate in the next versions of ACM womENcourage. We must support each other and continue to encourage other women to develop their careers in computing. We have many opportunities to change small or big things in society, and computing helps us to find solutions to do so.”

Read more from Viviana on our blog. 



ACM-W Europe Social Media Highlights

Not on social media? Not a problem. In November, our most popular posts on Facebook were: 

  1. Announcement on Google’s #IamRemarkable Event Series for women in tech in Nov 2020.
  2. EPFL’s study commissioned in 2018, and the 100-page report released in July looking into increasing the number of women academics, especially at the senior level.
  3. Announcement of the ACM-W Europe November newsletter.’

On Twitterthe top tweet was was again the Announcement on Google’s #IamRemarkable Event Series for women in tech in Nov 2020.

Our top media tweet was the blog post from Kharkiv ACM-W Chapter – Science and Technology Empower Women

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Announcements and News


Join the ACM-W Europe Communications and Outreach Team

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our communications team. You will be part of a dynamic volunteer team passionately working to disseminate information of interest to our community. The team publishes monthly newsletters, regular blog posts, and promotes relevant gender issues in computing and celebrates community success in social media (Facebook, and Twitter).

You can work with us on any number of our initiatives:

  1. The newsletter: Interview community members, and write articles
  2. Social media: Help create social media campaigns;  expand our reach in Linkedin.
  3. Website: Help maintain a dynamic website with up-to-date community news
  4. Blog: Write blog articles, or work with community members on blog series.  
  5. Outreach campaigns: E.g., reach out to ACM-W chapters for regular communication series

If you are interested, please contact us at  with a brief covering letter explaining why you would like to work with us.


Events, Conferences and other Deadlines

  • AI for Good Global Summit 2020 (continuous digital event)

The 2020 edition of the AI for Good Global Summit will be presented as a continuous digital event throughout the year, featuring weekly programming across multiple formats, platforms and time zones, including keynotes, expert webinars, project pitches, Q&As, performances, demos, interviews, networking and more. ACM Prize recipient and ACM Fellow Shwetak Patel was a featured keynote speaker on July 9, addressing healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.


PhD, Post-Doc and Faculty Job Announcements


For other openings in Informatics in Europe, see the Informatics Job Platform



ACM Awards and Advanced Grades of Membership Deadlines

Each year ACM recognizes outstanding achievements of its members through awards that cover a spectrum of professional and technological areas and different stages of professional development. 

To learn more about awards, we recommend the article by the ACM President Cherri M. Pancake, who dispels some common myths about ACM Awards and Honors in the Communications of the ACM, August 2019. One of the myths is that the ACM Awards never honour people working outside North America. Prof. Pancake writes that even though nothing would make ACM committees happier than to recognise the achievements of people from around the globe, there are very few nominations. Therefore, please consider nominating for the Awards below. 

ACM offers a wide range of awards (Source: Dispelling Common Myths About ACM Awards and Honors)

Early Career
Mid Career
Late Career
Area-Specific, typically Mid to Late Career

For SIG-specific Awards, please visit here.

For ACM Advanced Grades of Membership, please visit here.


Thank you for joining us in recognizing the accomplishments of ACM Women in Europe and ensuring they are nominated for ACM Awards they deserve.


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