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womENcourage 2019 – ACM Celebration of Women in Computing

Diversity Drives Societal Change

Rome, Italy September 16-18, 2019. Check the latest updates here.

The Sixth ACM Celebration of Women in Computing will be held in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy on September 16-18, 2019. The three-day event includes a Hackathon, Workshops, Posters, Technical Talks, Career Fair, Panel Discussions, and Interdisciplinary Research Tracks. Join us to socialize, share knowledge and experiences, learn about exciting opportunities in research and professional careers, and celebrate the achievements in the Women in Computing.

Follow womENcourage on FacebookTwitterLinkedin. Find us on Instagram under acmwomencourage. Use Facebook 2019 Forum to introduce yourself, chat with others, ask questions, make travel and accommodation plans, and make friends before coming to the event!  Click here to join.

Important Dates

  • Poster submissions: 15 April 2019
  • Workshop/tutorial proposals: 15 May 2019
  • Scholarship applications: 27 May 2019
  • Last day for early registration: 15 July 2019
  • Find out more on the Call for Participation page.


Interdisciplinary Research Tracks and One-day Passes

This year, womENcourage 2019 is featuring two interdisciplinary research tracks in which prominent scientists will inspire the audience by illustrating new and innovative research areas that intersect information technology with other disciplines.

Participants who prefer attending only a specific track may register using the “one-day pass”. More information here.

Track 1: Coding Conscious Cities. The world around us is increasingly controlled by algorithms that predict and react to our needs. As we blur the boundaries between the physical and digital realm, who will be responsible for defining our relationship with the homes, offices, and streets we inhabit? Date: 17th September, 2019.

Track 2: Artificial Intelligence and Health. AI applied to human health presents a range of professional challenges and raises critical ethical questions: can the integration of human and computing technologies be achieved in a principled and ethical manner. Read more about both tracks here.  Date: 18th September, 2019.

Meet the amazing womENcourage’19 organizers: Tiziana Catarci and Paola Velardi

This month we interviewed the local organizers of the womENcourage 2019, Prof Tiziana Catarci and Prof Paola Velardi from La Sapienza University. Their radiating energy and creativity are captured in these fascinating portraits by Gérald Bruneaux courtesy of Fondazione Bracco.


Tiziana Catarci graduated from Electronic Engineering in February 1987 at the University of Rome La Sapienza, where she received her PhD in Computer Science in October 1992. Since November 2000 she is a Full Professor of Information Processing Systems. For many years Prof Catarci has been actively involved in gender issues in the STEM subjects and the spreading the STEM culture among girls. For these activities, she won an award from Levi Montalcini Association in 2017.

Paola Velardi is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”. She received her “Laurea” Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Roma “La Sapienza” in 1978. Her research interests include Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and the Semantic Web. With her inspirational work, Prof Velardi aims to debunk the myth that computer science is a man-oriented and “inflexible” discipline.

Why is womENcourage conference important to you?  “Despite the various initiatives undertaken in recent years, the results in terms of attractiveness of IT for girls are still disappointing. It is necessary to do more, change the mentality, make people feel that IT is cool and it is not for the geeky few but it is the future. ACM womENcourage is in this direction and will be a terrific event.” Read more from them on our blog.

WomENcourage 2020 – Call for Hosting Proposals

Wish to organize womENcourage 2020?

Submit your Expression of Interest by 15 April 2019.

ACM womENcourage Celebration is organized annually by ACM Women Europe and held each year in a different European country. It provides opportunities for women from diverse technical disciplines to come together and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences. The Celebration is supported by a number of companies and professional organizations who generously donate funds and take part in the Career Fair, presenting exciting employment opportunities. womENcourage attendees take part in hackathon projects, workshops, tutorials, keynotes, technical talks, panels, and poster presentations and expand their professional network through socializing.

With womENcourage 2019 organization well underway, we are now looking for proposals to host womENcourage 2020. The proposal process includes two phases:

Phase 1: Expressions of Interest (EoI) to be submitted by 15 April 2019.

Notification of successful EoI proposal by 15 May 2019

Phase 2: Full Hosting Proposals by 15 June 2019

Notification of the final decision on 5 July 2019

Each EoI will be reviewed by the womENcourage Steering Committee. Teams with shortlisted proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal and provided with a budget template and advice. The full proposals are due on 15 June.

The template for EoI can be found here. A completed EoI needs to sent via email to the womENcourage Steering Committee: ACMWE_SC@LISTSERV.ACM.ORG by 15 April 2019.

For further information and advice, please send email to the womENcourage Steering Committee: ACMWE_SC@LISTSERV.ACM.ORG. The template for Full Hosting  Proposal can be found here.

News around Europe

Youthopia Event in Greece

Why aren’t there more women in science?

7 February 2019, Heraklion, Greece


Youthtopia” is a newly established informal youth group in the city of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Its members are experienced in Erasmus+ Projects, youth exchange and training. Youthtopia aims to activate youngsters in the local community and develop their soft skills through volunteering, “learning by doing”, organising events and participating in youth activities.

On 9 February, Youthtopia organised the ‘’Women in Science” event in Heraklion, featuring enlightening talks by Prof. Maria Vamvakaki (U. of Crete), Prof. Panayiota Poirazi and Dr Evangelia Dormous (Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas), Prof. Panagiota Fatourou and Prof. Emeritus Eleftherios Economou (U of Crete, Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas). The event was a great success. Read more on our blog article.


PhD Positions at RAIS (Real-time Analytics for the Internet of Sport)

RAIS – Real-time Analytics for the Internet of Sport is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network.

RAIS has opened 14 funded PhD positions to provide high-quality research and training within a broad spectrum of cutting edge subjects that will advance Wearable Technology, Blockchain-powered IoT and Real-time Edge Analytics.

PhDs under RAIS will have opportunities to progress their research and competencies under a strong programme which includes workshops, training schools, seminars, entrepreneurial events, and secondments at prestigious academic and industrial organizations in EU and USA, including MIT, Berklee’s Institute, Cambridge University, Open Data Institute, EIT Digital, Kinetic Analysis, and similar.

RAIS network will establish an inter-disciplinary and vibrant research and innovation community and target highly skilled candidates! Information for the open positions can be found at

ACM-WE at the ACM Europe Summer School in High-Performance Computing

The 2019 ACM Europe Summer School on “HPC Computer Architectures for AI and Dedicated Applications” will take place in Barcelona 17 – 24 July 2019.


The Summer School is hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC-BarcelonaTECH).

Accepted participants will spend a full week in Barcelona, attending formal lectures during the mornings and practical exercises in the afternoons.

Silvio Micali, ACM A.M. Turing Award laureate and MIT Professor, will give a keynote lecture. Lucilla Sioli, EU Commission Director for Digital Industry and AI, will be present at the school. Dr Ing. Gerhard Schimpf, former chair of the ACM Europe Council Committee of European Chapter Leaders, will present the ACM Being Human with Algorithms initiative and the ACM student chapter activity in Europe.

Lectures will be delivered by:

  • Per Stenström, Chalmers University, ACM Fellow
  • Jesús Labarta, BSC, ACM – IEEE CS Ken Kennedy Award recipient
  • Luca Benini, ETH Zürich, University of Bologna, ACM Fellow
  • Uri Weiser, ACM – IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award recipient, ACM Fellow
  • David Carrera, UPC, ERC grantee
  • Mauro Olivieri, University of Rome.

ACM Women Europe will organize a panel on the importance of interdisciplinary research that the HPC community enables and a collective effort that is needed to realize the full potential through fostering diversity and multiple perspectives. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event in the coming months. See the website for more information. 

PRACE, Ada Lovelace Award for HPC 2019

The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) is inviting nominations for the “PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC 2019”. Nominations will be assess using the following criteria: (1) Impact in Computational Science at a global level; (2) Impact in High-Performance Computing at a global level and (3) Being a role model for women in High-Performance Computing.

Deadline for nominations: Friday 15 March 2019 at 15:00 CET (local time in Brussels) to More information here.

Calendar of Events in Europe and Upcoming Deadlines

  • March 10-14, 2019, CHIIR 2019, March 10 to 14, Glasgow

The ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval provides a forum for the dissemination and discussion of research on the user-centred aspects of information interaction and information retrieval, including approaches to design and evaluation of systems for information access, retrieval, and use. More information here.

  • March 25-28, 2019: EuroSys 2019, Dresden

The EuroSys conference focuses on research and development of operating systems, database systems, real-time systems, network middleware, and distributed, parallel, or embedded computing systems. Workshops will cover systems security; edge systems, analytics and networking; consistency for distributed data; and multicore and heterogeneous architectures, as well as a doctoral workshop. More information here.

  • March 25-29, 2019: DATE, Florence

The Design, Automation and Test in Europe conference is an international venue for system-level hardware and software implementation down to integrated circuit design. More information here.

  • March 28-29, 2019: ACM-W Informática para Tod@s, A Coruña

The ACM-W IPT (Informática para Tod@sInformatics for All) celebration will host its fourth edition on March 28 and 29 in A Coruña. The event, which seeks to promote the role of women in the field of technology in Spanish, will feature talks, poster sessions, discussion panels and job fair. More information here.

  • August 12-30, 2019: Informatika Feminale, Bremen

The University of Bremen in Germany will host the 22nd International Summer University for Women in Computing, the Informatica Feminale. Computer scientists and women working interdisciplinarily are cordially invited to develop and submit course offerings. Topics from the broad field of Computer Science, ICT, and Informatics are welcome: theoretical, practical, technical or applied computing. More information here.

  • November 28-29, 2019: Advances in Computational Biology, Barcelona

The first Advances in Computational Biology conference will bring together women researchers working on a diverse array of topics ranging from systems biology to artificial intelligence. The conference aims at fostering collaborations between women scientists and provides an excellent opportunity for brilliant women bioinformaticians worldwide to present their work and share ideas about their research projects. The conference is organised by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) and the joint IMIM-UPF Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) and supported by the Bioinfo4Women programme from the BSC. Submissions for the conference will open in May 2019.

Deadlines for ACM Awards and Advanced Grades of Membership

Each year ACM recognizes outstanding achievements of its members through awards that cover a spectrum of professional and technological areas and different stages of professional development.

Following the mission of ACM-W to foster women participation in the field of computing, ACM-W Europe invites the community to welcome and recognize accomplishments of ACM Women in Europe who made significant contributions through their technical and professional excellence.

Advanced Grades of Membership Deadlines:

  • Senior Members – 3 March 2019
  • Distinguished Members – 1 August 2019
  • ACM Fellow – 7 September 2019

For SIG-specific Awards, please visit this website.

Thank you for joining us in recognizing accomplishments of ACM Women in Europe and ensuring they are nominated for ACM Awards they deserve.


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