ACM-W Europe Strives to Increase Diversity in TECH

In September of 2016, ACM-W Europe sponsored two events which discussed diversity and change. The event on September 12 and 13, ACM Europe Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage 2016 brought together academia and industry to learn and understand issues in diversity. The second event occurred in Belgrade, Serbia on 24 September in conjunction with EuroBSDcon 2016. When looking at the gender of the attendees these two demonstrate the issue of women in technology. The first event which was billed as a women-in-computing event was attended by approximately 97% women, and the second which was for the BSD community demonstrates the typical “TECH” event was attended by 97% men. Our mission strives to change both of these to be closer to 50/50 in the future.

Read the blog about “Increasing Diversity in the BSD community” here.

ACM-W Europe Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage 2016

On September 12th and 13th in Linz, Austria academia and industry came together to celebrate diversity in computing. The event was attended by students from 19 countries, with 60% of the attendees being students, and 61% of the students being graduate students. You can watch the videos.

WomENcourage 2016 Supporters:

GOOGLE, SIGPLAN, Bloomberg, Oracle Academy, Informatics Europe, Intel and FreeBSD.

ACM-W Europe and all of the scholarship students are very thankful for our supporters. Each of these companies provided the possibility for 50 students to attend womENcourage 2016. In addition, they provided people to create the career fair which gives many of these students their first opportunity to talk with employers and academics about their careers. From the evaluation feedback, this is the most valuable part of the event. Therefore we thank our supporters for not only the possibility for students to travel but also for their time spent with these students.

SIGCSE Travel Grants Applications Due October 17th

*NOTE NEW DUE DATE:* Because October 15th falls on a weekend, we are extending the deadline for this program to the next business day, October 17, 2016.

Please go here to apply for SIGCSE Travel Grants: If you have questions about the Travel Grant Program that are not answered by the page listed above please contact the Travel Grant Program committee at

WOMENPOWER 2016 Call for Posters

Deadline October 15, 2016

Submit your poster and apply for a travel Scholarship to attend WOMENPOWER

Symposium 2016

Ada Lovelace Festival: Connecting Women in Computing and Technology

In Berlin on October 12-14 please attend the Ada Lovelace Festival. More details can be found here.

Students may apply for a ticket with a reduced fee.