20 Podcasts for Women by Women in Technology


Podcasts are becoming increasingly the medium where we share our stories, and listen to others’. On average, close to 28% of European adults tune in to a podcast in a month.  Read more about the statistics here.

So, last month, July 2019, we have curated podcasts for women by women in technology and shared every day on our social media, on the ACM-W Europe Facebook page and@acmweurope.

Here is the full list:

  1. Going Through It:  This is a podcast hosted by Ann Friedman, who talks to remarkable women sharing pivotal moments in their lives when they had to decide whether to quit or to keep going.
  2. Good Code: Good Code is a weekly podcast on ethics in this digital world. It looks at ways in which our increasingly digital societies could go terribly wrong and presents those trying to prevent that. @goodcodepodcast 
  3. Her STEM Story: A weekly podcast about Extraordinary stories of real women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) covering the amazing work women across the globe in STEM  fields. Learn about what motivates them, what struggles they overcame, and how we can close the gender gap in male-dominated fields. @herstemstory
  4. IoT Podcast: Stacey Higginbotham (formerly Sr. Editor at Fortune) and co-host Kevin Tofel discuss the latest news and analysis of the Internet of Things. Covers Consumer IoT, Industrial IoT and Enterprise IoT.
  5. IRL Podcast: “Our online life is real life. We walk, talk, work, LOL and even love on the Internet – but we don’t always treat it like real life.” Host Manoush Zomorodi gets to the bottom of online issues that affect us all,  whether it’s privacy breaches, closed platforms, hacking, fake news, or cyberbullying. @IRLPodcast_org
  6. LIT Podcast:  Intellectual property experts Tonya M. Evans (Assoc. Dean and Professor of Law, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law) and Shontavia J. Johnson (SVP of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Clemson University) are the creators of the Law, Innovation & Technology. They engage in lively and culturally competent conversations and share their perspectives about all things law, innovation, and technology.  @LITBraintrust
  7. Nevertheless: This podcast celebrates the women transforming teaching and learning through technology. The podcast looks at the many issues women working in technology face, and tell the stories of those who persisted to create change. “By shining a light on women from the past and present, in the future, their stories will no longer be followed by the question “How did I not know her name?”
  8. Researc/hers Code Podcast: This podcast interviews women, trans and non-binary working in research across academia and industry to showcase the talent and provide role models.
  9. Retaining WIT: Research shows that 56% of women leave the tech industry during the second decade of their career. The hosts Jossie Haines (Platform Engineering Director at Tile), and Jordanna Kwok (Engineering Manager at Netflix) share their experiences in the tech industry and interview others to share unique stories and skills around the challenges of keeping women in tech.
  10. Rocket: Every week Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort engage their listeners in super interesting geek conversation. Nothing is off-limits: tech, comics, movies, games and books! @_RocketFM
  11. Seidea Podcast:  Seipod is a monthly podcast focused on empowering black and ethnic minority women with the knowledge needed to be secure online.
  12. Should This Exist: In this podcast, the host Caterina Fake (founder of Flickr, Partner at Yes VC) invites creators of radical new technologies to set aside their business plan, and think through the human side: What is the technology’s fullest potential? And what could possibly go wrong? @ShouldThisExist
  13. The MADWomen Podcast from Women in Wireless: This podcast features inspiring and insightful conversations with women in digital. The host and creator Liz Horowitz, speaks with exceptional female leaders who’ve advanced to an executive level in this often male-dominated industry.
  14. The Women in Tech Podcast: is hosted by WeAreLATech’s Espree Devora and features inspiring women from engineers, female founders, investors, UX and UI designers, journalists sharing their story how they got to where they are today. The purpose of the show is for every listener to walk away feeling ‘If She Can Do It So Can I’. Espree calls it “actionable empowerment”. @WomenInTechShow
  15. The Women in Tech Show: This is a technical podcast, hosted by Edaena Salinas, a software engineer at Microsoft, featuring technical interviews with prominent women in technology. The interviews explore topics in software engineering, software design, artificial intelligence, research, entrepreneurship, career strategy, machine learning, security, and more. @techwomenshow
  16. Witty: Women In Tech Talk To Yaz: This is a bi-monthly podcast about women disrupting the technology industry. Founder and host Yasmin Alameddine, leads fun, candid conversations with her guests. The guests share their first exposure to tech, the challenges of the industry, and their thoughts on recent tech news.
  17. Women Talk Tech:  This podcast aims to provide visibility into the state of women in the technology sector. Each episode is a new story of a woman who overcame challenges and biases to be successful in a tech career. @womentalktech_
  18. Women Tech Charge: From fashion to finance, technology is revolutionising in every area of our lives. Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, CEO of Stemettes, hosts the extraordinary women who are leading the charge and share candid, inspiring and fun conversations with inventors, entrepreneurs and even real-life spies. Join them as they share their eureka moments, successes and failures, passions and ideas.
  19. Works for me: Hosts Francesca Levy and Rebecca Greenfield present their experiences with the productivity industry. In each episode,  they try to solve a specific work-related problem, such as ineffective to-do lists, overflowing inboxes and unruly meetings.
  20. You’ve Got This: is a weekly podcast for academics and higher education professionals looking to increase their confidence and capacity for juggling the day-to-day demands of teaching, research, service, administration, and leadership in higher education.

If there is a podcast by women for women you love listening, and we missed it, let us know!






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